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Customer Testimonials

At EZbackgrounds, we pride ourselves on our quality, value, and customer service. We treat you like we would want to be treated ourselves. Here is a small fraction of the feedback we get all the time.

We want to hear from you! Contact us and tell us about your experiences with EZbackgrounds' products.

I have almost all of your backgrounds, and my customers love them, especially at holidays and client events. I shoot dance recitals as well as green screen events. 

- April 11, 2015 email from Scott F. , Eden, North Carolina, U.S.

Fantastic customer service. They are not happy until you're happy.

- April 10, 2015 Review from Alan C. , Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, U.K.

The backgrounds are good, but there are so many it's overwhelming.

- March 7, 2015 Amazon Review from Lonnie, U.S.

This item paid for itself the first Christmas I use it. Easy to use and it was fun, the clients liked the postcards I made. Now I have repeat customers.

- March 27, 2014 Amazon review from Anthony Gannon, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

"I have said it before and I do mean are the best customer service rep I have ever dealt with hands down. I had someone from shutterfly ask about my stunning frames and I was quick to mention your website. Again I thank you and look forward to continued business with you and will spread the word about your product at every opportunity possible!!! Keep it up!"

- March 26, 2014 email from William T., Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.

I have to say that, As an old school photographer, I never use Photoshop before to post process my work, instead I use Lightroom. I always felt overwhelm with Photoshop. However, following you tutorials to use the backgrounds was so easy and friendly, that now I'm eager to learn Photoshop. I know that my customers will love it and I will now have more options to offer.

- March 12, 2014 email from Richard D., Orlando, Florida, U.S.

We love the be background package the we ordered. My wife and I opened a photography business about 4 months ago. We have been looking for additional photo backgrounds every since. This is an all in one package that we have been looking for. I am sure we will be purchasing more backgrounds in the future from this seller as well. The product was just as described. We installed all of the backgrounds on the two computers we have for our business. Absolutely love this product, very user friendly as well.

- December 13, 2013 - Ryan Mckinney, Denver, Colorado, U.S.

I am so glad I found you! This is the perfect thing to set me apart from the other photographers. I look forward to your new releases all the time. Your product makes me money... period. Mahalo!

- January 15, 2013 email from J. Poney, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.

All I can say is, "Sure glad I found you on the internet!" Best quality, best resolution, and top notch content!

- November 12, 2012-W. Overton, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

The images are all of high quality in terms of content and execution. Lots of images that lend themselves to portraiture and compositing. Excellent variety. Scenic, for example, are divided into nine categories. I think this collection represents a value greater than the price I paid. Now, that's something you don't encounter often.

- January 8, 2012-Jerry Saperstein, Top 500, Hall of Fame Reviewer on Amazon

It is GREAT to deal with a company with such FANTASTIC customer service! Highly recommend this background set and this company!

- April 19, 2011-Amazon Review from Kirk, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.

WOW! What an incredible value you offer!  The images and psd files are beautiful!  When I think of the time it would have taken me to create even 10% of the files I purchased from you, I know it would have been longer than I would have been willing to spend, and there's no way I could have created such a diverse collection of such high quality.  I am looking forward to using these in my projects at home and at the school where I teach.

- March 16, 2011 email from S. Stadick, Wyoming, U.S.

I was very pleased by the quality and enormous variety of backgrounds. For a professional Studio and Event green screen venture. My only dilemma is there are so many for clients to choose from. I'll have to pare the selection down to fit each type shoot. 

- July 20, 2010 Amazon Review from Kent Lambson "Travel Photographer", Eureka, Utah, U.S.

Two words, "Super Happy"!

- January 7, 2010 email from D. Dalton, Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.

I have to say that you have the best customer service that I have ever seen.

- December 28, 2009 email from R. Jensen, New York, NY, U.S.

I've purchased from other sellers before and your product is far and away the best in quality and price. I can't believe I paid four times as much for less than half of what you provided. You have a customer for life!

- May 7, 2009 email from J. Porter, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Your customer service is amazing. You have truly gone above and beyond what I would expect. I will tell everyone I know about your product.

- January 7, 2008 email from Cherished Memories Photography, Wellington, New Zealand

This is the perfect item for my photobooth business. I've already gotten lots of use out of it. Keep up the good work. 

- August 14, 2004 email from J. Jeffries, Kerrville, Texas, U.S.

I just finished my Senior Sessions and your frames and backgrounds were a godsend. 

- June 30, 2003 email from M. Johnson, Orlando, Florida, U.S.

We want to hear from you! Contact us and tell us about your experiences with EZbackgrounds' products.

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